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Sample questions and answers.

Q. My monitoring fees are too high.  I would love to pay only $18.00 a month.  What is the cost for you to come out and take over the monitoring and service on my existing alarm? 

A.  If you have completed your contract with that "other" company, we can easily switch you to our ultra secure, reliable monitoring service.  There is an activation fee of $90.00 (which pays for our installation technician to come to your home and set up the account, run a complete test, and upgrade your alarm if necessary).  We will give you a full service warranty for your system, insurance certificate, window decals and an outdoor sign.  

Q.  $18.00 a month is a lot less than other companies have quoted. How can you do it? 

A.  We are a mid-size company with low overhead.  We do not answer to stockholders so we can continue to run as a family oriented business.  Most new business comes from referrals, not expensive ads.  You get high-quality service at a low price because this is our business philosophy.  We also don't give away those junk free alarms - we only install and service high quality Honeywell equipment.

Q.  I rent an apartment. I would feel safer if I had an alarm system, but I might want to move in the future.  What kind of alarm can I get? 

A. A basic wireless system has the advantage of moving with you.  The freedom of having a portable system makes this the "ideal" system for those living in a condo or apartment.  We will move the system for you when  you move - take it with you for only $100.00 moving fee.

Q. Many companies offer "free alarm" systems.  Why don't you?

A.  We charge a low price, just a little over our cost for a high quality Ademco (Honeywell) alarm system that will last a lifetime.   We could not afford to give away the type of system that we install, and that is why when you get your "free" system from the other company, it is usually a piece of junk or has false alarms, or is even stolen during a burglary.  They are easily removed from the wall.  Our wireless systems come with a hidden wired control panel.  The entire alarm is not part of the keypad.  We prefer to install a wired system whenever we can, but if not, we install the highest quality wireless alarm system and charge you just slightly over our cost.


Q.  There are so many alarm companies out there, what sets you apart from the rest?

A. 1. Allstate Alarm is committed to helping people and saving lives and property at a reasonable cost to the consumer. 

    2.  We install and service our own systems - we believe in old fashioned values of punctuality and professionalism in our installation.  Our standard practice includes wearing shoe covers and bringing a vacuum so that we may clean up any debris caused by us.  We respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times.  We test every job after it is completed.  If you have a concern, we will address it immediately.

    3. Our overhead is low and we pass our savings on to you.  

    4. We believe in being fair, honest, ethical and responsive in all aspects of our business.   We put the "customer" in customer service.

    5. We always answer our phone - you always get a "live" person and you will never be put on hold "forever".

    6.  Exclusive "Lock-in" feature - monthly monitoring rate is locked in as long as you live in and own your home.  It never goes up.

    7.  Exclusive "Transfer" feature -   we actually allow you to break your contract with us when you sell your home if the new homeowner signs a contract with us for similar terms at settlement.

Q.  Times are tough, I really can't afford an alarm system now.  Should I wait until the economy improves?

A.  Unfortunately this depression has increased the number of burglaries and forced intrusion. The residents of Moorestown are painfully aware of this because we get recorded calls from the Chief of Police notifying us of crimes in our town.  My alarm system comes with a 0% financing - I pay for your equipment and the labor upfront, and then you pay me over the next 4 or 5 months - I think this is a great feature and you should take advantage of it now before something happens.  Don't wait until after you have a break in and you lose your valued possessions or your home is vandalized - protect yourself now.  You also get a 10-15% discount off your homeowners policy which will help defray the costs of the system. 

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